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Dr-WALL offers two types of room dividers approved for installation in NYC:

Dr WALL specializes in temporary walls installations and is fully insured to provide NYC Room Dividing Services.
Our partitions are perfect matches for a wide range of purposes.

Residential use:

Apartment rentals: Dividing living rooms to add an additional bedroom or bedrooms. Suited for roommates or couples that need a temporary wall until their lease is up. When it’s time for you to move out of the apartment rental, Dr- WALL will remove the partition for no extra cost with no damage to the apartments floors, side walls or ceiling.

Condo/coop apartments: Do you own your apartment and in need for a room divider? You can keep the wall partition permanently.

Common reasons for residential dividers:

Roommates: Add another bedroom in your apartment so you can share the costs of living in New York while keeping your privacy.
Dining room partition: Add a room by wall dividing your dining area with a temporary wall
Nursery wall: It’s never too early to give them a room of their own.
Office partition: Create a separate work space free from the distractions and noise in the rest of your home.

Office/commercial use:

Office: Using a general constructor to divide an office can very costly. Because Dr-WALL specializes in temporary partitions, and work with the same materials, we are able to be more efficient with our time and costs, therefore providing our services for a lower price.
Showroom or trade show: In need for a divider for a short period of time? Dr-WALL will install and remove the partition to fit your needs.